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May / 2009

 NECA News

New Coverages Now Available

You know NECA West offers you access to the NECA West Workers' Compensation ADR Program, but did you also know that we now offer a Package program? 
Effective March 1, 2009 we now offer the following NEW coverages:

Commercial General Liability

Commercial Automobile



Inland Marine


These new coverages include:
 GL Limits - CG0001 ISO Form
    - 1 Million per occurrence / 2 Million premises aggregate /
      2 Million products and completed operations

 Per Project Aggregate
    - Available at no charge
 Employee Benefits Liability

    - 1,000,000 / 2,000,000
 Residential Service Work
    - Covered subject to company underwriting requirements
 Additional Insureds

Available on blanket basis 
 Waiver of Subrogation

Available on blanket basis
For more information contact your Preferred Broker.


review numbersWorkers' Compensation Rates on the Rise

In mid March, the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) announced a 24.4% increase in pure premium rates.  In mid April, the WCIRB lowered that increase from 24.4% to 23.7%.  This week Insurance Commissioner Poizner called on the WCIRB to withdraw the rate increase.  Will the request be granted?
The WCIRB rate increase should come as no surprise.  Over the past 5 years, the Workers' Compensation pure premium rates have fallen dramatically. When rates fall, eventually they must rise again.  In the face of this substantial potential increase, business owners are concerned with cost containment. 
One advantage NECA West members have over their competitors is the NECA West ADR program.  By participating in the NECA West ADR program, contractors have experienced lower loss and loss adjustment expenses, which in turn lower the experience modification (or ex-mod) that is used to determine a contractor's workers' compensation premiums.  One way to help contain these rising workers' compensation insurance costs is to remain a participant in the NECA West Workers' Compensation ADR program; another is a continued focus on safety. 


Construction  Save the Date:

 The State Fund Employer
Education Series presents:
Heat Illness Prevention
May 14, 2009 - 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Duarte Elk's Lodge
2436 East Huntington Drive
Duarte, CA 91010


The objective of the Heat Illness Prevention seminar is to educate employers, supervisors, and trainers on measures to avoid heat illness. You will learn how to evaluate your procedures for effectiveness, best practice techniques, compliance with heat illness standards, and improvements to your current program.

The presentation will include the following:

Complying with and understanding California's Heat Illness Prevention regulation.

Cal/OSHA targeted risk factors:

  - Training supervisors and employees
  - Adjusting to "acclimatization procedures"
  - Written procedures complying with the heat illness
    standard, responding to symptoms, emergency
    medical services, and integrating them into your
    Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  - Water, rest breaks with shade, and cooling off periods

Learn the best defense against heat related illnesses with basic steps of prevention:

  - Check the weather heat index
  - Conduct frequent tailgate training using training aids
  - Understand environmental and personal risk factors
  - Encourage frequent water consumption
  - Know the signs and symptoms
  - Establish acclimatization procedures
  - Initiate emergency services and communication
  - Use the buddy system and shift changes
  - Required elements must meet compliance



Looking for Information

on Package Insurance?


To apply for the
NECA West Package Insurance program you
may request a quote from:

  If new to the program, please contact your Preferred Broker.

If renewing with the program through your existing agent, have your agent contact:

 Package Program

Betsy Moore
WC Underwriting

General Agency Services, Inc



Looking for Information on Workers' Comp Insurance?

To apply for the
NECA West Workers' Compensation ADR program you may request a quote
from BOTH the
NECA West Captive
ADR program and the
NECA West State Fund
ADR program.

If new to the program, please contact your Preferred Broker.


If renewing with the program through your existing agent, have your agent contact:

Captive ADR Program

Betsy Moore
WC Underwriting

General Agency Services, Inc


NECA West State Fund
ADR Program

Don Knutsen
WC Underwriting



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Objectives & Benefits of NECA ADR


- Reduce Workers' 
   Compensation Claim costs
- Reduce employers' costs
- Improve benefit delivery
- Promote safety
- Promote labor-management
- Create more jobs for union


- Reduce loss costs
- Reduced litigation
- Shorter claim cycle times
- Better medical care
- Faster return to work

Heat Illness Prevention Emergency Regulation Enforcement Q&A
(Effective date March 17, 2009)

1.  Where does this standard apply?  In all outdoor places of employment.

2.  Distance to drinking water?  The water should be as close to the employee as is practicable.

3.  When is the actual presence of shade required?  Where the outdoor dry-bulb temperature high for the area closest to the location at which employees are to work is forecast, as of 5 p.m. the previous day, to be over 85 degrees F, according to the National Weather Service.

4.  How much shade must be available?  The amount of shade is sufficient if there is enough to accommodate, at the same time, 25 percent of the employees on a shift, so that employees can sit comfortably in the shade without touching each other.

5.  How close must a shaded area be to employees?  Usually this will mean that shade must be reachable within a 2 minute walk, but DOSH recognizes that in some cases it will be closer, and in others, further. DOSH believes that in no case is it permissible for shade to be located more than mile or a five minute walk away, whichever is shorter.